Developmental Site Plan Checklist

How to Apply for a Building Permit

Before a Building Permit will be issued, you may first need to meet local Zoning Regulations.

Steps to Follow

  • Visit the Planning Division (Zoning Office) to secure a Land Use Permit.
  • If the project meets all zoning regulations, a Land Use Permit will be issued and sent to the Building Inspection Office.
  • Some projects may require an Engineering Division review. A Building Permit will not be issued until all zoning and engineering requirements are met.
  • If the project meets all Building Code requirements, a Building Permit may be issued provided that all Zoning and Engineering standards are met.
  • Plumbing, Electrical and Mechanical Permits are not included in the Building Permit. They are issued separately.

Zoning Checklist

  • Correct Zoning District
  • Building Setbacks
  • Floodplain Regulations
  • Special Zoning District
  • On-Site Parking
  • Storm Water Detention (Engineering Division)
  • Driveway Access (Engineering Division)
  • Accurate & Complete Site Plan
  • Location of Easements
  • Planning and Zoning Commission Review
  • Board of Adjustment Review