Imagine Downtown!

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What should Downtown Cedar Falls be like in the future? How should it grow and change? Are there places that should stay the same?

Downtown Study Area MapThe City has hired an urban design and planning consulting team, lead by Ferrell Madden, to help us answer these questions and develop a new Downtown Vision Plan to guide the future of Downtown and the surrounding areas. The plan will focus on topics like the scale and character of new development; walking, biking, and other transportation options; and the mix of uses and range of activities that will combine to create and maintain a vibrant, livable Downtown. The design team will engage the public, analyze the current Downtown context, and rethink the Downtown zoning standards to better shape the character of future development.

This effort will last for several months, with opportunities for public input and involvement throughout the process--from the initial Public Kick-Off, through a hands-on Community Design Charrette this summer, to the adoption of any zoning changes, as described in the Schedule at the link to the left.

Download the Adopted Downtown Vision Plan here