Flood Information

As we head into the spring and summer seasons, we remind families to review their emergency preparedness plans, including a list of items needed in the event that evacuation becomes necessary. Flooding can occur due to heavy storms, or snowmelt. A brochure that provides guidance on flood levels and evacuation notices is available using the link on the left side of this page. Also found on this page are links to information concerning the Cedar River. Don’t wait until flood season to prepare a plan!

Whatever rainfall or snow melt that does not infiltrate into the ground ends up as stormwater runoff and does not go to the wastewater treatment plant before it is released into the river. Please help protect the quality of Cedar Falls water by using de-icing salt sparingly, picking up after your pets, and properly dispose of yard waste ~ not on stream banks.

Best management practices (BMPs) are essential to managing the rainfall that we receive in our community. What is a BMP? They come in many shapes and sizes. Some names of BMPs that you may recognize are rain gardens, permeable pavements, bio retention cells, buffer strips or vegetated filter strips. For more information please see the 2016 Stormwater Best Management Practices Brochure. Installing a rain barrel can help you capture rainwater from your roof to reuse for gardening and other activities. It can help reduce flooding too.

Please help our community be safe and protect your families by being prepared for potential flooding and being a part of the effort to manage rainfall to reduce flooding.